The Start of Something New…


I wanted a space that would let me share my journey to establishing a career, while serving as a guide for other twenty-something year old aspiring or new professionals. The tricky part? I want a career as a Career Advisor!

For the last year, I was a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree and job searching– I was also working as a job search coach for college students. Seriously, I was a: job-searching college student, job-search coaching other college students! Crazy, right?! But I enjoyed every moment of it! I found myself constantly watching YouTube videos, reading books & articles, connecting with a number of professionals, and compiling a wealth of career development information. I was doing this not only to help myself in my own job search, but to help the students that flooded my email inbox and office with questions. It became an instinctive process of learning and then teaching.

Since then, I have completed my graduate degree and left behind my amazing support system to move almost 900 miles away to start my career as a university Career Advisor. I figured that real-time is the best time to share my thoughts and advice, it’ll let me journal things while they’re fresh on my mind. This also means that as I grow and change, my interpretation of experiences will change. I do not expect that the way I think now will be the same in even a few short months of working here.

But that’s not all. Not only have I been trying to navigate my own career success, I’ve been trying to do so without losing too much of my “sassy” self in the process. Do I want a fruitful career? Yes! But do I also want to maintain my quirky, witty, and daring personality? Absolutely! Success is not synonymous with inauthentic or boring and I have every intention of having my cake and eating it, too! Blogging during this journey is for my own self-reflection, but I welcome you to use any of my trials and triumphs to help you through your journey!

I’m hoping that by sharing as I learn, we (me & you the reader) will find ourselves in the mist of living the full & fabulous lives we’ve always dreamed of!

R. A.


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