Say Nothing, Lose Everything…


There have been people that didn’t return my phone calls or respond to my emails. There have been people that made underhanded comments to belittle or embarrass me. There have been people that overheard my good ideas and repeated them as if they were their own. There have been people that have taken credit for helping me when only my blood, sweat, and tears were on the finished product. And the only time I truly felt bad in these situations was when I didn’t speak up for myself.

But speaking up wasn’t easy. I was afraid and I was hesitant, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had let them get away with it. The pain of not going with my gut and demanding my respect was much worse than the pain of being viewed as “aggressive” or “angry”. I was okay with those labels because I knew that they weren’t true. I knew that the more accurate way to describe me was as assertive and self-assured, not as a troublemaker. I knew that I didn’t have to accept being treated any kind of way because I know God’s promises for me. I know that because I am a child of God I don’t have to settle for less than His best.

I also know that small problems that aren’t tended to soon enough grow into uncontrollable monsters. By not speaking up on your own behalf, you feed and strengthen that monster; you unknowingly encourage that monster to invade, control, and cause chaos your life.

You’ll be afraid to speak up, and for a second you’ll want to turn around and run the other way. But remember:

  1. Your silence is at your own expense.
  2. Being harmonious is not synonymous with being a pushover.
  3. Abundance and prosperity are your birthrights.

When you know that you have built up and invested in your skill you are responsible for establishing your own value – and then you have the right to state your demands. So, speak up.


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