Eagles in Chicken Coops


Disclaimer: I’m all for having role models and being inspired by others.

However, I am completely against unearned praised and sensationalized simplicities. This usually happens when we compare ourselves to others who we think are in the upper echelons. When we start paying too much attention to what we think these people are doing, we begin to downplay our own potential. Guaranteed, they are NOT doing anything that you couldn’t do. Or do better!

Let me say again that I have no problem applauding others, but I am picky about who I praise. Praise should be reserved for people that work hard and constantly challenge themselves, not people who take the easy way out. It takes courage to admit that you’ve outgrown your current situation and to pursue bigger and better things. It takes faith to elevate to the next level.

That being said, I don’t praise eagles that hang around in chicken coops!

It’s like the wealthy guy who only wants unemployed friends so that he feels richer.  Or, the woman with 3 degrees that only hangs around people who barely received high school diplomas. Take notice, sometimes people who appear to be doing really well are only up against low standards of comparison.  Overcompensation, insecurity, or the need for validation is real – and some people will go to any extremes to get it. It’s important to be sure that you’re not enabling this false sense of success, especially if it means neglecting your own accomplishments. Because once you start issuing out undeserved praise, you create an unrealistic expectation for yourself.

Take time to fully observe the situation; you can learn a lot about a person by the people they surround themselves with. Successful people will have likeminded, successful friends. Truly successful people aren’t intimidated by the possibility of sharing the stage, because they know that there’s enough limelight for everyone.

Model your goals after people who are great but are also surrounded by greatness.


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