Au Revoir, 2013!


This year, actually just these last few months, have been jam-packed with awesome new things. This is not an attempt at humble brag, I honestly think it’s very important for everyone to take stock of and share the great things they’ve accomplished. One reason is because it helps to recharge you when you begin to second-guess your life’s purpose. Another reason is because it’s important to visually see where you are so that you have a better idea of where you want to go. Here’s a quick recap of my year: 

  • Completed my Master’s degree in Higher Ed & Student Affairs
  • Became a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)
  • Moved hundred of miles away to begin a professional career in North Carolina
  • Conducted hundreds of one-on-one career advising appointments with college students
  • Launched my first blog 
  • Became a published writer
  • And said ‘yes!’ to many other amazing opportunities (blogging, teaching, presenting, etc.) 

It also helps if you get comfortable talking about your accomplishments because employers will only know what you choose to say about yourself during an interview – be proud of your work and sell yourself. Write out what you achieved in 2013 and know that it doesn’t even compare to what you’ll do in 2014!


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