What on earth is, “Sucsass”?!


Blogs are like children: over time they grow, develop, and your idea of who they are begins to change. I knew that I wanted to start this blog before I talked myself out of it, so I didn’t bother working out all of the details right in the beginning. I just trusted that the direction of my blog would become clearer as I learned more about myself and about the world. Friday afternoon before I left the office, I had a nice chat with a coworker and realized exactly what I meant when I created Sucsass.

When I first met this particular coworker, I knew within the first few minutes of speaking with her that I liked her. She’s older and wiser but there was something about her personality that I identified with; she had sass! During our conversation on Friday, we got on the subject of how lucky we are that our coworkers have such a sound respect for one another. We talked about the horror stories we’ve heard from friends about them being yelled at by their bosses and agreed that there was NO WAY we would tolerate that. I expressed that I would have no problem walking out of a job if I were ever yelled at, and she agreed wholeheartedly. We concluded that there is a certain level of self-esteem that comes with knowing what you will not tolerate from anyone, not just a boss or coworker.

As women we either feel pressure to stay quiet and accept less than favorable treatment or to explode and leave the job altogether. Sucsass is establishing your value so that your validity is never questioned; it’s finding the balance between professionalism and personality.

Some people will call it being “bitchy”, having an “attitude”, or “feistiness” but I call it self-respect. Lots of women are so afraid of being pinned with these labels that they shrink their personalities until they fit in and make others comfortable. This is especially likely to happen in the workplace because of the strict stereotype of what “professionalism” is. For the most part, many people believe that a woman’s place is as a quiet follower, instead of someone having equal ability to lead. And after several years in a professional setting, women sometimes find themselves voiceless. My goal in starting my career is to always stay true to myself, believing that I can do my job, MY way.

That being said, here are 6 characteristics of Sucsass:

  1. Waking up and being excited about the job you’re going to
  2. Saying ‘yes’ to exciting opportunities, and ‘no’ to people trying to use or abuse your talent
  3. Being prepared to walk out with your dignity before allowing anyone to disrespect, hurt, or humiliate you
  4. Not letting anyone make you believe that there’s a wrong way to be YOUrself
  5. Going home and being proud of the work you did
  6. Achieving the highest ranks of success in a male-dominated world, without compromising the spirit and boldness of womanhood

Some women reach success and some have sass, but only fearless ones have both.


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