Thought Catalog: 21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20s


Senior Writer, Chelsea Fagan, hit the nail right on the head with this article on Thought Catalog. This list is playful, funny, and… creepishly true. There is a strange shift that occurs around 25 but it’s good to know I’m not alone. Here are a few of my favorites from the list of “21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20s”, enjoy!

#4 Dinner parties. The whole idea of a dinner party — which used to seem tragically boring and prohibitively expensive — is now one of your top weekend activities. Dinner party drunk is one of the best kinds of drunk there is to be.

#9 Friends who work in the same industry as you. If there’s one thing you like more than your job, it’s talking about your job at length with someone who gets it. You need to be having “professional” conversations, so everything feels like you’re getting work done even though you’re just complaining over mojitos.

#13 Activities. All of a sudden you want to join classes? For things? That aren’t alcohol or working towards a degree? Who is this person in the 7:30 Afro Cardio group, who has to make it out in time for her book club, because you definitely don’t recognize her.

#16 An iPad. Why does your brain suddenly think the classiest thing you could possibly do is pull an iPad out of your bag, stored in a leather case of course, to do something professional-looking on? Do you need an iPad? Of course you don’t. No human being has ever truly needed an iPad.

#20 A good knowledge of wine bars. There is something so put-together and elegant about a good wine bar, and being able to just offhandedly say to someone “Oh, yeah, that place is great, and they do excellent pairings with their seasonal menu” is such a victory.


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