Bad News, Honey: The Short & Sweet Truth You’ll Hate to Hear

What you’re about to read may or may not snatch your wig right off…You’ve been warned.

You don’t get to pick your purpose. There it is, I said it! You can pick your job, you can discover your passion, but you do NOT get to decide what your purpose is. And for this reason, you must be willing to move. 

How you exercise your passion is totally up to you, but what you’re meant to do on earth is up to a much Higher Power. If you enjoy playing the piano for your family then by all means, you should do so. But if your true purpose is giving piano lessons to young children in a third-world country, you should very well be open to the idea of living without running water. Very extreme, but my point is to stop limiting yourself to what you THINK your purpose looks like. And when I say move, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a geographical move. Moving means going in the direction that the Higher Power is pushing you towards.

Commit to the feeling and less to it’s appearance.You’ll never know how fulfilling something can feel if you’re too busy making sure it looks good for Instagram. Because the best bad news that I can give you is that: Glory isn’t always glamorous and Passion isn’t always pretty but walking in your true Purpose is always worth it. Even if you’re walking barefoot.


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