“I Don’t Want Those Shoes…and I Don’t Want to Meditate!”


This clutter can either be in the form of “stuff” or ideas. Clear your space and make way for better!

If you keep up with me on any of my other social media platforms, you know that I’ll be leaving North Carolina and moving to Houston very soon to work as a Career Counselor. Yes, I’m ecstatic – but I have a lot to get done in the next week before I can comfortably begin my journey back in the direction that I came from.

First things first: I have to pack. That means sorting through all of my things, donating what I don’t need, and throwing away what’s useless. Not a simple task when you’re a slight hoarder. What I’m finding is that I have a lot of things that I never use so my new rule is that I’ll pack necessities first and whatever can’t fit in my car, doesn’t need to come with me. Simple as that. I won’t have room in my new, awesome life for the old and useless.

Then I realized that the same type of rule should apply to other areas of my life and that I need to de-clutter my mind just as much as my closet.

I’m a planner and goal-digger by nature. There’s always some new self-improvement idea that I want to put into practice. But lately I feel bogged down by all of my ideas; namely meditation. I love the idea of meditation and I think that it is very beneficial and for some people, absolutely necessary. Quiet time gives us a chance to unplug to let our head and heart reconnect. But I’m an introvert so this desire comes very naturally to me. My phone is always on silent, I go to dinner and movie theaters alone, I can be at home for hours and never realize that my tv isn’t on, I sit at Starbucks to think and write every weekend, and I also drive around with my radio turned off most of the time. For me, quiet time is literally all of the time. So lately when I try to force myself to sit down to meditate, I’m completely unsuccessful; but until recently, I wasn’t ready to give up. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for yet another one of Oprah and Deepak’s 21-day meditation challenges but have missed/skipped several days. Every day, I receive an email of the new guided meditation that I’m suppose to complete but I’m so behind that my inbox is just piling up with unread emails. The visual reminder of how far behind I am only adds to my anxiety and inability to meditate. So instead of tricking myself into thinking that I could and would catch up, I’ve deleted the emails and stuck to my usual quiet time practices. I said for my birthday this past October that this would be the year of simplicity. But I think sometimes we forget is that simplicity is NOT synonymous with deficiency.

I’m no less fashionable without that pair of pants that still had the tag on them, and I’m no less at peace because I find my quiet time in the car instead of on a yoga mat. Simplicity means taking an honest look at how your intentions and actions compare, and getting rid of anything that causes conflict. No matter how much research is out there telling you how you should do things, you have to keep experimenting until you find a style that works for you. You need to lose weight but hate going to the gym? Don’t feel bad about signing up for a dance class instead. You need that degree but you hate sitting in classrooms? Enroll online. You want to go natural but are afraid of how you’ll look with short hair? Wear extensions until you’re ready to cut it. There are multiple ways to reach greatness and taking a different route doesn’t mean giving up on your destination. It’s your journey; travel it your way.

I have high hopes for what Houston has waiting for me, but I won’t be able to receive any of it if my life is cluttered with crockpots, unused craft materials, high-water blue jeans, and emails about meditation. I’m making room by any means necessary.


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