Questions That You MUST Answer


Everything that you do in pursuit of your dreams should center around these 7 questions. Write down your responses and if you don’t have an answer for one, write down the question and revisit it later!

1. What excites you? What are you eager to wake up in the morning to do?
2. What do you lose track of time doing?
3. What drains your energy?
4. What do you procrastinate on?
5. What do you daydream about?
6. If college were 100% free, what would you major in?
7. What’s your proudest achievement(s)? (past or present)

Yes, having answers to each of these questions is extremely important to your future; career planning always starts with self-exploration and reflection. Once you can confidently answer these questions, you’ll be taking the first step toward finding your dream job!


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