Breakthrough, Times Two!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently signed up and was accepted to participate in a 3-day live event with my life coach, Shanel Cooper-Sykes. I’ve been following her for a few years now but set a goal to meet her in 2014 when I found out that she’d be moving to Houston. And then I found out that I would be moving to Houston… see how those stars are aligning?! She’s calling this particular event “Breakthrough” to represent the self-reflection that attendees will be doing in order to push past resistance to accomplish bigger goals. To say that I’m excited to meet her and experience my breakthrough would be an understatement. In the meantime, I’m reading an amazing book! 

One major thing that Shanel advises her students to do is not just read books, but to actually study the material (read, take notes, and re-read) in order to actually learn the material being shared. So when I started reading Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” a few days ago, I immediately knew that this would be the type of book that I’d have to study.

The same day that I was accepted into Shanel’s “Breakthrough” event, I reached Principle 7 in the book. This chapter is on how to “Unleash the Power of Goal-Setting” where he encourages you to go beyond creating a list of incremental goals by also identifying a “breakthrough goal”. What a coincidence!

This type of goal is one that represents “a quantum leap for you and your career.” A breakthrough goals will be the one that, “changes your life, brings you new opportunities, gets you in front of the right people, and takes every activity, relationship, or group you’re involved in to a higher level.” I’m looking at this goal as being the game-changer; the one that once completed, will have people beating down my door, flooding my email inbox, and blowing up my phone. It is THE goal that leads to accomplishing all other goals. Not only have I gotten a start on the list of 101 life goals that Canfield encourages you to create, but I’m now working on my breakthrough goal.

After identifying a breakthrough goal, Canfield asks that you create action steps and a mind-map that will help you accomplish it; more details on that later. But for now, you can create your breakthrough goal by filling in the blank:

“All I would have to do is _______; then I would really start living my dream life!”



2 thoughts on “Breakthrough, Times Two!

  1. Hey I’m signed up for this event too! I wanted to ask you however, have you gotten any updates on it from Shanel? I commented on her page and asked her when will we get details and she said the next day but so far-nothing.

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