Leave the Lampshade


When I was packing up to move to Texas, I really struggled with deciding on what I could and couldn’t afford to take with me. There were some things that I really liked but had no room for; like this linen lampshade that I bought a couple of years ago. It didn’t cost much, wasn’t high quality, and was nothing to write home about, but I thought it was cute! Eventually I realized that I just needed to just trash the thing (and several other things) so that I could hit the road and start my journey. Ultimately this stuff got left behind for two reasons:

  1. It didn’t fit
  2. It wouldn’t even match anything in my new apartment

If I kept everything that I thought was “cute”, the cost of transporting it would eventually exceed its actual value. The price of renting a U-haul, hiring movers, buying gas, etc. really starts to add up! So then I had to ask myself, “Is this stuff really worth taking with me or can I just invest in new and better stuff later on?”

I realized the other day that the lampshade represents the other baggage that we sometimes insist on keeping. Your lampshade may be some bad habits, a shady “friend”, or an unhealthy relationship with your boo who (like my lampshade) looks good but is nothing to brag about. It all seems cute and innocent now but when you’re ready to move into a new phase of life, those things may not be worth taking with you.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Really, Rayna? A lampshade? It’s not that serious!” And you’re absolutely right. I knew I needed to leave the lampshade; I was just doubting my ability to make good decisions. If anyone else had been there with me (my mom, best friends, or boyfriend) they would’ve snatched it out of my hand and said, “Girl, leave the damn lampshade and c’mon!”. But it was a tough decision because I was doing it alone. And when you’re making tough decisions alone, it’s hard to convince yourself to leave something behind when the future is still so uncertain. “What if I need it? What if I can’t find another one?”

I get it; it’s scary.

So if you’re ready to move forward in life but find it hard to leave some things behind, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is its value worth the price of keeping it? (Because value and cost are not the same)
  2. Will it even fit in when I reach my destination?

And if you still can’t decide what to do, I’ll tell you what I needed someone to tell me: “JUST LEAVE THE DAMN LAMPSHADE AND COME ON!!” there’s something better waiting for you at the other end of your journey. Don’t let that junk weigh you down!



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