I tweeted the other day that I was considering turning Sucsass into a “career AND lifestyle blog”, so I started doing some research on exactly what a “lifestyle” blog is. It seems that “lifestyle” is an umbrella term that many people use differently, but overall is meant to describe blogs that don’t focus on one niche area.  From what I’ve seen, these typically include things like fashion, home furnishings, and fitness (none of which I’m exactly interested in or good at) so I’m still in the process of defining what being a “lifestyle blogger” will look like for me.

This idea came to me during a 3-hour trip that I recently took alone. I was thinking of all of these great topics that I’d like to share advice or info on, but that didn’t fit into the “workplace/career success” genre. And in a split second, I decided that I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself or my blog, so I would begin writing on different topics.  For now, I know that I would like to begin including more of a personal touch to my posts: more pictures, day-to-day happenings, new purchases, and maybe even a little on love and my own relationship.

At any rate, I’m excited to expand and see where things go from here!



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