The Day Designer





A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the beauty that is Whitney English’s “Day Designer”. I wanted to know more, so I searched the hashtag #DayDesigner on Instagram, and slowly fell in love. But then… I looked up the price (yikes!).

Apparently, there’s a cult-like following for high-end planners (Filofax, Kate Spade, Erin Condren, etc.) and The  Day Designer is the newcomer on that list. This particular day planner includes over 350 pages of goal-setting activities, values & interest worksheets, and also includes access to a members only Facebook group and a portal for downloading additional e-workbooks and webinars. Pretty intense for a planner, right?

I decided to get a discounted copy that had minor print errors, but am still very satisfied with it overall. Between my new job, new blog ideas, life in a new city, and the responsibility of living with someone else, I figured it was best for me to invest in a tool that would help me stay on track. My Day Designer is an August 2014-July 2015 version so I haven’t started using it, but I will be posting an update as soon as I do!


One thought on “The Day Designer

  1. These planners are nice, but do you feel they are better than a simpler planner? Here recently, I have wanted to become more organized. Not just in my mind, but actually on paper. I have found myself with several notebooks, but yet my lists are all over the place. Being a user of this planner do you find that it actually accommodates all of your daily objectives?

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