Ask Early!


We’ve always been taught that, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”, but there have definitely been times when I wished a classmate would just put a sock in it. And due to my fear of being that annoying person, I sometimes keep my questions to myself. But since starting this new job, I can definitely see how not asking for clarification could severely hurt me in the long run.

To get over my questioniaphobia, I have simply started asking questions early on. As my new coworkers say things that I am not familiar with, I ask them to explain it right there on the spot. If I didn’t ask now, months would go by and when I would finally get the courage to ask, they would probably think, “She’s been working here all this time and didn’t know that?” So I figure, better to be inquisitive now than be incompetent later. The sooner I ask questions, the sooner I can master the job.

Don’t let your fear of “sounding stupid” be the reason you struggle through what could be your chance to shine!


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