Unconventional Career Advice

I read this article a few days ago, and can’t get one paragraph out of my mind. 83-year-old life coach and personal finance mentor, Stephen Pollan, challenged everything we’ve been taught to think about our careers. In this interview, he stated:

You should focus on a career only as a stream of income. Your employer is not concerned about your fulfillment. Anyone looking for career fulfillment is going to be frustrated because employers are not out there to make us happy.

Look for fulfillment through your romantic life, through travel, through personal relationships, not on the job. It ain’t there.

Yikes! I started this blog based on the belief that every moment of work should bring joy and fulfillment. But after thinking about Pollan’s statement, I guess the reality is that having a happy life doesn’t always include being happy at work. Some people live to work, others simply work to live. And that’s okay.

Do I wish that everyone finds their life’s calling? Absolutely. But your calling isn’t always what you wake up and drive to in the morning. Sometimes, your calling is what you do on weekends, or with friends. Sometimes your calling is what you do for free. Thus, your calling doesn’t have to be your job and you shouldn’t feel disappointed if you aren’t head over hells in love with your job.

I think Pollan’s point is that we should take whatever good that we can get from our jobs, but to also seek to find fulfillment in other aspects of life. Happiness shouldn’t stop when we clock out.


One thought on “Unconventional Career Advice

  1. I absolutely love this post. I’m a nurse, and sometimes there are patients who make my job a little harder as well as pesky coworkers. This post brought me new insight into my career. “Stream of income….find fulfillment elsewhere” which is exactly what I do. I have horses and absolutely love riding them when I get off work! I plan to apply this blog more to my life and add more traveling as a part of things I enjoy! Major takeaway: Find other things to fulfill my enjoyment rather than work only!

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