You Are the Person You Wanted to Be…


I’m almost always thinking of what I can do next. Even if it looks like I’m not doing anything at all, my mind is on overdrive. So now that I’m somewhat settled into my job, I’m thinking about my next project- a new way to push myself to the next level. But this preoccupation with becoming better can sometimes keep me from realizing how good things are right now. That’s when the amazing people that we surround ourselves with step in.

Earlier today, a very good friend of mine said something that was just as much of a confirmation as it was a challenge. Below a post that I made about my love for blogging, he left a comment that started with, “You are the person you wanted to be…” Woah! As soon as I read that, my heart stopped. I immediately asked myself, “Am I? When did that happen?” And “If I am her, is that a good thing?” Soon, that panic turned into empowerment. I thought, “Well, if I made it to this point, I can go anywhere from here!” It was both terrifying and reassuring at the same time. Terrifying because our minds are so powerful that we can become even the not-so-positive things that we think about; reassuring because a happy life is as simple as thinking happy thoughts.

When I think about my life, I realize that my friend is right: I have become her (for the most part). And if I can do that, I can do much more! That one comment from my friend opened up the floodgates of possibility. I was overwhelmed with thoughts of, “What’s next? Bring it on!” With every daydream, I get closer to manifesting the details of my wildest imagination. So I’m going to keep imagining bigger and better. I’m going to create a new “her” and see if in a few years I will have become that person too. The key is remembering that it’s never too late to become who you were meant to be. But you can either become your dreams or you can become your nightmares, so:

  1. Create a positive blueprint of your future self
  2. Find amazing friends that will celebrate your creation, even while you’re consumed with building

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