Notes to Self

NTS #1

You can’t change the fact that you’re a woman. You can’t change the fact that you’re Black. But you can change how educated you are. Never let your education (or the lack thereof) be the reason you don’t advance. (RA)

NTS #2

Be in tune with what people need from you; not just what you want to give. (RA)

NTS #3

Your “emergency” is not my priority.

 NTS #4

Beware of the person that can never enter or exist in a room quietly. As the saying goes, “A wise man speaks because he has something to say, NOT because he has to say something”. That’s an insecurity: quiet doesn’t always mean danger. (RA)

NTS #5

Other people’s opinion of me tells me more about THEM than it does me.

NTS #6

FAITH it until you make it!

NTS #7

If you can’t be who you want to be where you are: pack up, pick up, and go somewhere else. Go wherever you can best serve the world. (RA)

NTS #8

There’s nothing wrong with feeling big and walking tall. The real crime is shrinking and hiding your talents from the world. (RA)

NTS #9

Stop worrying about the “how”. Just expect & accept greatness. (RA)

NTS #10

Starving yourself won’t help the hungry. You serve the world best when you are your best self: full and functional.

NTS #11

Success doesn’t happen over night, but neither does failure. Failure is an accumulation of poor choices over a period of time.

NTS #12

Stop letting life happen to me, and start letting life happen for me…Life will never go according to plan if you don’t have one.

NTS #13

You can find your passion, but you do not get to pick your purpose.

NTS #14

You don’t find happiness; you create it.


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