A Journey Within The Journey



Lately I’ve been consciously trying to recognize my true purpose and learn how to incorporate it into my everyday routine. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell if I’m doing purposeful work. It is, however, much easier for me to tell when I’m doing purposeless work.

For me, purposeless work is draining. I get tired and frustrated much easier when my heart isn’t into whatever I’m doing. Inversely, I’m expecting to realize my purpose when I feel energized by my work and am actually gaining momentum throughout the day.

This question of purpose has only come up since starting my new job. In taking on this new role, I have developed new dependencies. During these last couple of weeks I wasn’t sure how much autonomy I had, so I found myself waiting for my cue. But in the real world, no one is there to give you a cue. People trust that I will do good work and they also expect me to know when it’s time to get started. But that requires already knowing what it is I should be doing. After all, only I am responsible for knowing my purpose. And of course at 25, I haven’t quite figured that out.

All I know now is that I want to be able to give freely of myself to my work and not feel drained – to learn my purpose and infuse it into my everyday tasks. And I use the word “learn” for a reason. The ultimate control comes from realizing when you don’t have control.

I have realized that doing purposeful work is always an option, and that the time to start is solely up to me. But I don’t get to choose my purpose or assign myself one through self-help; I have to learn it through divine instruction. And to learn what my purpose is, I must wait and listen for guidance, not from my boss, but from the voice within. It is my boss’s job to supervise the work that I do, not to tell me what my work is. Believe it or not, that is beyond his power. But again, I do not have control over what my purpose is either. What I do have control over is who I take direction from.

This new journey has officially sparked a newer journey. So I’m on the move again (figuratively) to finding my purpose! :0)



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